Trollius Offerings 2015

The onslaught of the Trollius just as the last daffodils are fading keeps the field clothed in bright golds, oranges, and yellows for another month or more. Commonly called globeflowers, these buttercup relatives and florist Ranunculus look-alikes are rugged perennial plants native to moist mountain meadows (mostly Asian). Full sun and well-drained soils high in organic matter for moisture retention suit them best. As with most members of this plant family, a little added limestone helps too. Often you find Trollius on lists of plants for partial shade. This recommendation comes from the need for retained moisture, which the partially shaded positions help provide. Be aware that even though the plants will grow and flower in these situations, they will stretch and lean toward the bright light. Dry sites in any exposure yield unsatisfactory results. They are perfect mates both culturally and as design companions for the Camassias listed above.



We ship large flowering-size bare root divisions of Trollius in early Spring and in the Fall. Freshly dug plants are mailed in Spring starting in April through the second week of May. Orders arriving after that will be dispatched during September and October, as are the majority of our bulbs. Inquiries regarding wholesale availabilities are welcomed.




Trollius with CamassiaBe Mine


Canary Bird




Commander in Chief


Empire Day


T. europaeus


T. europaeus 'Superbus'


Fire Globe


Golden Monarch



T. hondoensis


Miss Mary Russell


Orange Crest


Orange Princess


Pritchard's Giant