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The list of daffodils to be offered in 2016 is not yet available.


Lists of all other mail order bulbs, plants and rhizomes (Colchicum, Trollius, etc.) available in 2015 are ready.









Cameo Joy – The American Daffodil Society ( has an extraordinary database and photo reference site called Daffseek. It provides invaluable information to anyone who loves daffodils, from beginner to professional. I find the gallery of pictures for each cultivar extremely helpful, not only because you can see what something you may be interested in looks like, but because you often get to see multiple images of the same flower taken in different years and in different locations. Under Cameo Joy's entry, what stands out is the consistency of good color and form it seems to annually demonstrate in every locale she grows. Also easy to observe are the broad, rich yellow petals that produce an overall neatly rounded outline, and her fiery red bowl shaped cup. A good midseason show flower for collection classes. Registered in 2004. Just a precious few available this year. 2Y-R

                                                                                                 $45 each



Cameo Flare - “Flare”, when used to describe a feature of a daffodil, generally refers to a gradual outward spreading at the tip of the flower’s cup. In the case of Cameo Flare the word does not apply to the cup’s form, but rather to its blazing orange-red color. The petals are an illuminating yellow. This “yellow-red” blooms late midseason (a time when quality flowers in this color code can be lacking), making it a very useful exhibition flower. Registered by Peter Ramsay in 2004. 2Y-R                                                           

                                                                                                    $36 each






Cameo FrillsCameo Frills - A fairly large, rounded flower with alluring form. Its shorter but wide open funnel shaped "long-cup" allows the viewer to admire the very regular ribbing, its deep yellow heart, and the wide band of orange (about 1/3rd the corona's length; very much more than just a rim of color) at the neatly ruffled mouth. The broad, clear yellow petals seldom nick despite the frilly edged cup. This is a very dependable early mid season show flower and was registered by the Ramsays in 2001. 2Y-YOO

                                                                                        $18 each



Mesa Verde 


A stunning result of hybridizer Bob Spotts’ decades long quest to produce all-green daffodils, and perhaps the most beautifully and uniquely colored narcissus I have ever seen. A slew of interesting flowers with varying intensities of verdant color continue to emerge from Bob’s breeding program, but it is hard to think that he could come up with anything any better than Mesa Verde. For the first week after opening the gracefully tapering petals are flushed with emerald; the heart of the small, bright yellow-rimmed cup is flooded with this same gorgeous green. The petals mellow yellow as the weeks(!) go by. The majority of green seen in his hybrids (as does the extraordinarily long bloom life) comes from the genes of Narcissus viridiflorus, an odd autumn flowering species from Morocco, grown successfully in this country only in Southern California’s mild Mediterranean-like climate. This has led to speculation about the ability of viridiflorus progeny to survive in less forgiving areas of the U.S. We know that it is persisting in Greenwich CT and on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket, and Bob firmly believes Mesa Verde has enough blood from rugged spring-blooming ancestors that hardiness should not be an issue. I cannot wait to try it in our very harsh conditions. The bulbs we are shipping this year were grown in California by Bob. He registered Mesa Verde in 2001 as Div. 12, since it can sometimes come with 2-3 blooms per stem (again, the influence of the multi-flowered N. viridiflorus).                                                  

                                                                                  12G-GGY                                    $75 each