Virginia's Bill Pannill will no doubt go down in history as one of the finest breeders of exhibition daffodils the world has known, and certainly too as one of the fiercest competitors to ever set foot in a showroom. He openly admits bringing a shopping bag along to each event, sure to be needed for hauling home all his trophies and ribbons. So legendary had his skills in both endeavors become that in 1997 the American Daffodil Society established the Pannill Award to annually acknowledge proven show winning flowers bred by Americans. Bill's classic all-white introductions Homestead and River Queen, plus his all yellow New Penny have already won this prize too!


For whatever reasons, relatively few of his flowers had graced the tables at shows here in the Northeast, so my knowledge of his body of work was limited when I began planting the batches of stock he generously started sending me in 2003. I have had a ball observing them grow, and can now offer a nice selection of Pannill cultivars for sale; a few of them I believe have never been cataloged anywhere else. I am so thankful and indebted to Bill for entrusting me with a great deal of his legacy; it is indeed humbling.


Pannill Introduction That First Debuted in Our Catalog



Winky Dink




Classic All-Whites 

River Queen 

Lone Star 



More Pannill "Bankers"


Constant Winners, whether single stem entries or in collections

Great Gatsby   


and even more "Constant Winners"



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