Acclimated Bulbs from New Zealand

Back in 2005, champion daffodil breeder Peter Ramsay of New Zealand provided us with stock of a number of his most current introductions, including many of the best from his "Cameo" series. It was his hope that we could get them acclimated to growing in this hemisphere, and then begin offering them for sale in the U.S. for planting in our fall months. As recommended, I got these southern hemisphere bulbs in the ground immediately after receiving them to start the two year process of "turning them around", and I still remember how weird it was planting daffodils in April with robins merrily singing nearby, when normally it's the honking of Canada geese flying south I hear at bulb planting time. Peter's terrific exhibition flowers typically have large, very smooth petals, and must possess a nicely shaped and well behaved cup. Along with his own crosses, he also sent some from his partner in Koanga daffodils, the late Max Hamilton. We are happy to this year again have some of the Ramsey's finest daffodils making "cameo appearances".


  Cameo Flare            2Y-R


 Cameo Frills             2Y-Y00


         Cameo Joy              2Y-R