The list of daffodils to be offered in 2015 is not yet available.



Feel free to browse through the photos and descriptions of daffodil varieties we have offered in the past.  Some, but certainly not all, will be for sale in 2015.


Lists of all other mail order bulbs, plants and rhizomes (Colchicum, Trollius, etc.) available in 2015 are ready.



White Petals, White Cup


White Petals, Yellow in Cup


White Petals, Pink in Cup


White Petals, Orange/Red in Cup


Yellow Petals, Yellow Cup


Yellow Petals, Orange/Red in Cup


Yellow Petals, Cup White


Acclimated Bulbs from New Zealand


Daffodils with Limited Availability


Bill Pannill’s Daffodil Introductions  


The Achin' Back Sale