Leaf Peeper

Leaf PeeperBrian Duncan knows my dedication to garden worthy plants and sent me a really fine example here, its pedigree being ((Patabundy x State Express) x Burning Bush). ‘Patabundy’ continues in my mind as one of the must-have bulbs for anyone’s garden, and passes along to ‘Leaf Peeper’ its vigor, deep shining gold petals and sunproof orange-red cup. This flower is much bigger though, has more judge appeal, and grows even more vigorously. A “Leaf Peeper” is a term used in the northeast U.S. that refers to those who travel here in autumn to view the brilliant fall foliage. The yellows and reds in the bloom remind me of the colors that appear in the leaves of our native sugar maple, the tree most people come to see. The bulb also comes in droves, like the tourists. Most importantly, it commemorates Brian and Betty Duncan’s first visit to New England to see the display, when Brian was amused to find out he had been branded a “Leaf Peeper”. Once sold as Duncan seedling 2160 and registered by me in 2008.

 Later Season


$8 each, 3/$18