Winky Dink

Winky DinkA Rose Ribbon winner in 2002. Bill has yet to give me the definitive information regarding this cultivar, but all the clues lead me to believe it is Pannill 89/33, from Highlite x Magician. The form and size is very much like Highlite's, with its double triangle perianth and more funnel shaped cup. Unlike Highlite though, the pink in the corona is right there at the start, with Magician, as usual, contributing great depth of color. What does take some time to develop in some years is the yellow perianth suggested by the color code Bill gave his seedling when initially showing it. In our cool Massachusetts spring of 2011, the petals were white for 10 or more days before taking on any pale lemon tones. The year before, the subtle yet beautiful color came within 5 days. Still not officially registered, but we will most likely keep the code as Bill first had it, 2Y-P.