Cameo Joy – The American Daffodil Society ( has an extraordinary database and photo reference site called Daffseek. It provides invaluable information to anyone who loves daffodils, from beginner to professional. I find the gallery of pictures for each cultivar extremely helpful, not only because you can see what something you may be interested in looks like, but because you often get to see multiple images of the same flower taken in different years and in different locations. Under Cameo Joy's entry, what stands out is the consistency of good color and form it seems to annually demonstrate in every locale she grows. Also easy to observe are the broad, rich yellow petals that produce an overall neatly rounded outline, and her fiery red bowl shaped cup. A good midseason show flower for collection classes. Registered in 2004. Just a precious few available this year. 2Y-R

                                                                                                 $45 each