Colchicum speciosum

 Colchicum speciosum An aspect of some Colchicums that can be quite appealing is the presence on the flowers of a checkering pattern of darker color, called tessellation. The true C. speciosum should not show any, but most of the bulbs that are being sold as such in the trade (including ours) have strong markings both on the inside and outside of the petals, indicating it is probably some sort of hybrid. The overall color of the large (3"-4" wide) goblet shaped flowers is a lavender-purple with some slightly bluish undertones. One of the taller Colchicum blooms (7") along with Giant, which it resembles. Without a doubt it is the fastest multiplier of any we grow, usually tripling and sometimes quadrupling its numbers in just one year's time. Also in its favor is its diminished foliage size, allowing its use in many more garden situations than some of the larger leaved varieties.


Mid Sept-early Oct.

$5 each, 3/$12, 5/$18